St. Edward Catholic Church - Fairfield, IL


Faith-In-Action is a ministry dedicated to helping our parishioners in time of need.  The ministry helps in areas such as providing transportation to Mass and doctor's appointments, and assisting with grocery shopping and small errands.  They also assist parishioners who may be lonesome or who are in need of emotional or spiritual support through home visits, keeping in touch with parishioners who are homebound or at the nursing home by sending them cards and flowers.

Food Pantry

This Ministry serves the needs of the poor and the needy by providing food items and where need be, financial assistance to those in charity.  The Ministry distributes food every second Saturday of the month starting at 8:00AM in the parish hall.  This service is welcome to the needy within and outside of the community.

Ladies Altar Sodality

The Ladies Altar Sodality organizes many parish and community functions throughout the year both for fellowship and as fundraisering to support outside charities and our parish needs.  They organize an annual St. Patrick Day Luncheon, prepare funeral dinners,organize the Parish Christmas Partry, provide Advent Bags to our shut-in parishioners and serve as a welcoming committee to the parish by sending cards to parishioners for anniversaries, to the sick, to new parents and to families of the deceased.  The Altar Sodality meets in the parish hall at 6:00PM on the 3rd Monday of the month, September through May.  All ladies of the parish are welcome & encouraged to attend.

Men's Club

The Men's Club organizes a bi-annual dinner that serves both as an outreach program as well as a fundraiser, with which the proceeds provide financial support to the parish and parish organizations.  The Men's Club hold meetings as announced.

Social Committee

The Social Committee takes care of planning and directing social activities that foster fellowship among the members of the parish.  This is usually a sub-committee to the Parish Pastoral Council.

Building and Grounds Committee

This Committee is responsible for the maintenance of ground and building structures in the parish.  It ensures that all the buildings in the parish as well as the entire church premises are always free from environmental threats and hazards.

Ministers of Care

The Ministers of Care take Holy Communion to parishioners challenged by confinement.  By doing this, they assist in caring for the spiritual needs of the sick and homebound parishioners.