St. Edward Catholic Church - Fairfield, IL

Prayer List


Our shut-ins:  Margaret Perez and Kimberly Buchanan

Our family & friends:  Sharon Reyling, Garland Keck, Jack Ciesielczyk, Dan Kinsolving, Mathew Rorban, Kathy Bramlet, Aaron Crosby, Brenda Belangee, Tristan Atteberry, Phyllis Laird, Joe Basinger, Brayden Holden, Larry Tadlock, Stacy Winkeler, Jim Mowry, Emily Nordmann, Gary Campbell, Chris Bollinger, Kurt Wiseman, Nannette Williams, Whitney Eckleberry, Dick Hibbetts, Julie Griffith, Gina Williams, Paula Zdan, Maddox Oppenheimer, Abby Bailey, Elmer Netemeyer, Sara Kerchner, Charles Drechsel, Shirley Byars, Dorothy Baylor, Eva Decker; all priests; and those serving in our military.

Please keep them & their families in your thoughts and prayers.