St. Edward Catholic Church - Fairfield, IL

Art & Culture

These Volunteers decorate the church for Mass and other Liturgical celebrations for the various seasons and needs.

Music Directors

The Music Directors lead the people of God in sung prayer & thanksgiving and enrich the sacred liturgy with music from the Church's tradition as well as music of recent compositions.  They comprise of the instrumentalists and the cantors.

Altar Servers

These are people committed with serving at Mass and other liturgical celebrations.  Children who have made their first Holy Communion qualify to join the servers.  Adult men and women also serve whenever need be.  Training is provided.


The Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass.  They bring the scriptures to life during the Liturgy of the Word at Mass.  Lectors are scheduled in advance for Masses based on their Mass time preferences and are allowed to switch assignments among themselves. Training is provided.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion

These Volunteers assist in the distribution of the Holy Communion at Mass.  They are usually scheduled in advance for Masses.  They help to prepare the sacred vessels, bread & wine, and linens for Mass.  They are also responsible for washing and drying the sacred vessels after Mass.  Training is provided to enable them to fulfill their obligation with dignity and reverence.

Liturgy Committee

This Committee looks into the liturgical life of the parish to ensure that there is always a healthy environment for worship and celebration of other sacraments.  The Committee works in collaboration with the Pastor in long term planning of the parish liturgies during the year.